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(2018). Branford, S., Ross, D., Yeung, D., Braley, J., & Hughes, T. (2014). Furtherme>re most CML patients will remain dependent on TKI therapy for life with current approaches. . Dasatinib-associated major molecular responses in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phase following imatinib failure: response dynamics and predictive value. . McClure, B. J., Heatley, S. L., Rehn, J., Breen, J., Sutton, R., Hughes, T. P., . . Despite the improvements in outcomes achieved with TKI therapy, major challenges still confront the CML clinician. . Kantarjian, H. M. (2008). . . Competitive polymerase chain reaction to estimate the number of BCR-ABL transcripts in chronic myeloid leukemia patients after bone marrow transplantation. . In, Branford, S., Yeung, D. T., Prime, J., Ross, D., & Hughes, T. P. (2011). . Yeung, D. T., Vidovic, L., Tang, C., White, D. L., Branford, S., Hughes, T. P., & Yong, A. S. (2014). . . . . A library of AuNPs modified by RAFT polymers of different charge and chain length: high throughput synthesis and synchrotron XFM imaging using a zebrafish larvae model. Understand the signalling pathway changes in, Generation of resistant cell lines in the laboratory setting. Rivera, V. M. (2014). Ross, D. M., & Hughes, T. P. (2021). Capturing nanostructure evolution of polymerizable microemulsion by in situ synchrotron SAXS. Vandyke, K., Fitter, S., Drew, J., Fukumoto, S., Schultz, C., Sims, N., . Production of GM-CSF by CML cells can modulate the anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects of imatinib on CML CD34(+) cells. In, Mahon, F. -X., Boquimpani, C., Takahashi, N., Benyamini, N., Clementino, N. C. D., Shuvaev, V., . 100%. . . Rating Do's and Don'ts View all Guidelines . . . In, Hughes, T. C., Chan, G. Y. N., Evans, M. D. M., Johnson, G., Le, T. P. T., McFarland, G., . (2004). In, Yeung, D. T., Grigg, A. P., Shanmuganathan, N., Cunningham, I., Shortt, J., Rowling, P., . Kantarjian, H. (2011). Developing an artificial intelligence-based algorithm to enable a risk-adapted approach to frontline therapy in chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). . Course codes must be accurate, and it doesn’t hurt to check grammar. EFFICACY AND SAFETY OF NILOTINIB VS IMATINIB IN PATIENTS WITH NEWLY DIAGNOSED CHRONIC MYELOID LEUKEMIA IN CHRONIC PHASE: 6-YEAR FOLLOW-UP OF ENESTND. Hochhaus, A., Kantarjian, H. M., Baccarani, M., Lipton, J. H., Apperley, J. F., Druker, B. J., . . Hughes, T. (2018). Oct 1, 2020 10 Videos That Make Us Excited for The Skivvies' Birdland Concert! In, Hughes, T. P., Hochhaus, A., Branford, S., Mueller, M. C., Foroni, L., Druker, B. J., . Hao, X., Jeffery, J. L., Wilkie, J. S., Meijs, G. F., Clayton, A. Association between imatinib transporters and metabolizing enzymes genotype and response in newly diagnosed chronic myeloid leukemia patients receiving imatinib therapy. Hughes, T. (2009). Nilotinib inhibits the Src-family kinase LCK and T-cell function in vitro. In, Baccarani, M., Druker, B. J., Cortes-Franco, J., Hughes, T. P., Kim, D. -W., Pane, F., . (2015). . . . Imatinib produces significantly superior molecular responses compared to interferon alfa plus cytarabine in patients with newly diagnosed chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phase. Apperley, J., Cortes, J., Kim, D., Roy, L., Roboz, G., Rosti, G., . . . . . (Leukemia (2010) (DOI:10.1038/leukemia.2010.197). Update On Imatinib-Resistant Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients in Chronic Phase (CML-CP) On Nilotinib Therapy at 24 Months: Clinical Response, Safety, and Long-Term Outcomes.. . The treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) has been one of the most remarkable cancer success stories this century, heralding the widespread application of small molecules to target oncogenic kinases. . . In, Morley, A. . . 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Professor Timothy Hughes is the Precision Medicine Theme Leader at SAHMRI and Consultant Haematologist in the Division of Haematology at SA Pathology. (1978). Desirable performance characteristics for BCR-ABL measurement on an international reporting scale to allow consistent interpretation of individual patient response and comparison of response rates between clinical trials. . A dual role for the N-terminal domain of the IL-3 receptor in cell signalling. White, D. L. (2016). In, Cortes, J. E., Hughes, T. P., Geissler, J., Hois, S., Quenet, S., Hourcade-Potelleret, F., . Hughes, T. (2006). Proton pump inhibitors significantly increase the intracellular concentration of nilotinib, but not imatinib in target CML cells. (2014). . Branford, S. (2019). A perfluoropolyether corneal inlay for the correction of refractive error. . . Ross, D. M. (2016). Title: Monitoring of minimal residual disease on chronic myeloid leukaemia patients in a setting of treatment free remission. . In, Ross, D. 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Asciminib, a Specific Allosteric BCR-ABL1 Inhibitor, in Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Carrying the T315I Mutation in a Phase 1 Trial. . To facilitate these activities, entries in the University Phone Directory are not limited to University employees. Ross, D., O'Hely, M., Bartley, P., Dang, P., Score, J., Goyne, J., . . Clarithromycin enhances dasatinib-induced cell death in chronic myeloid leukemia cells, by inhibition of late stage autophagy. In, Branford, S., Wang, P., Yeung, D., Purins, A., Marum, J. E., Nataren, N., . The behaviour of honeycomb film formation from star polymers with various fluorine content. Hughes, A., Clarson, J., Tang, C., Vidovic, L., White, D., Hughes, T., & Yong, A. . Hughes, T. P. (2019). Dasatinib treatment of chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia: analysis of responses according to preexisting BCR-ABL mutations. . . . . 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Optimism in IBM: A dbRCT Phase III trial of Sirolimus in patients with Inclusion Body Myositis, to slow or stabilise otherwise relentless disease progression, as measured by the IBM Functional Rating Scale (IBMFRS) Professor Merrilee Needham. Ge, C., Basuki, J. S., White, J., Hou, R., Peng, Y., Hughes, T. C., & Tan, T. (2017). BCR-ABL1 lymphoblastic leukaemia is characterized by the deletion of Ikaros. Low GFI1 expression in white blood cells of CP-CML patients at diagnosis is strongly associated with subsequent blastic transformation. Switch to nilotinib versus continued imatinib in patients (pts) with chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phase (CML-CP) with detectable BCR-ABL after 2 or more years on imatinib: ENESTcmr 12-month (mo) follow-up. . OCT-1-mediated influx is a key determinant of the intraceflular uptake of imatinib but not nilotinib, (AMN107): reduced OCT-1 activity is the cause of low in vitro sensitivity to imatinib. Discuss the professor’s professional abilities including teaching style and ability to convey the material clearly. le Coutre, P., Hughes, T., Mahon, F., Kim, D., Steegmann, J., Shah, N., . . Hughes, T., Saglio, G., Kantarjian, H., Guilhot, F., Niederwieser, D., Rosti, G., . Wan, W., Zhao, Z., Hu, H., Hao, X., Hughes, T. C., Ma, H., . Cass, P., Knower, W., Pereeia, E., Holmes, N., & Hughes, T. (2010). Radich, J. In, McLean, K. M., Beumer, G. J., Bojarski, B., Chan, G. Y. N., Chaouk, H., Evans, M. D. M., . . In, Hughes, T. C., Chan, G. Y. N., Evans, M. D. M., Johnson, G., Knower, W. S., Le, T. P. T., . The Expression of shp-1 and SHP-2: A Novel Powerful Predictor of Major Molecular Response (MMR) Achievement in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Gleevec-Treated Patients Enrolled into the TOPS Clinical Trial. Stem cell factor and chronic myeloid leukemia CD34+ cells. . . . Explore the potential use of the AI algorithm in a dynamic setting to enhance clinical utility. (2009). 5-Year Updates from the Pivotal Phase 2 Ponatinib PACE Trial: Efficacy, Safety and Landmark Analysis in Heavily Pretreated Patients with Chronic-Phase Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Assistant Professor, Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine; Research Interests. Branford, S. (2011). In, Kim, D. -W., Cortes, J. E., Pinilla-Ibarz, J., le Coutre, P., Paquette, R., Chuah, C., . Irani, Y. D., Hughes, A., Clarson, J., Kok, C. H., Shanmuganathan, N., White, D. L., . Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Imatinib; Drug Interactions That May Impact Efficacy. . . . Perfluoropolyether corneal onlays: Adhesive development. (1999). Thomson, D. W., Shahrin, N. H., Wang, P. P. S., Wadham, C., Shanmuganathan, N., Scott, H. S., . Folding of graphene into elastic nanobelts. Efficacy and Safety of Nilotinib (NIL) vs Imatinib (IM) in Patients (pts) With Newly Diagnosed Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in Chronic Phase (CML-CP): Long-Term Follow-Up (f/u) of ENESTnd. The University of Queensland. High-Resolution Analysis of the Relationship Between Dose and Molecular Response in CP-CML Patients Treated with Ponatinib or Imatinib. Hochhaus, A. Genomic translocation breakpoint sequences are conserved in BCR-ABL1 cell lines despite the presence of amplification. (2014). (2013). In, Engler, J. R., Frede, A., Saunders, V. A., Zannettino, A. C. W., White, D. L., & Hughes, T. P. (2009). Stein, A., Martinelli, G., Hughes, T., Muller, M., Beppu, L., Gottardi, E., . In, Nieborowska-Skorska, M., Kopinski, P., Ray, R., Hoser, G., Ngaba, D., Flis, S., . Engler, J., Frede, A., Saunders, V., Zannettino, A., Hughes, T., & White, D. (2010). . Hughes, T. P. (2016). One-pot synthesis of hyperbranched glycopolymers by RAFT polymerization. Hypergammaglobulinemia and the anticardiolipin antibody test. Living with CML: Is death no longer the end (point)?. Derigs, G. (2000). Dewar, A., Zannettino, A., Hughes, T., & Lyons, A. In, Hughes, T., Bates, J., Beattie, D., Hao, X., Johnson, G., Le, T., . . . Try our location search. The Src/ABL kinase inhibitor dasatinib (BMS-354825) inhibits function of normal human T-lymphocytes in vitro. Kantarjian, H. (2015). Heatley, S. L., Mayne, B. T., McClure, B. J., Kok, C., Sadras, T., Dang, P., . EARLY MOLECULAR RESPONSE PREDICTS ACHIEVEMENT OF UNDETECTABLE BCR-ABL IN PATIENTS (PTS) WITH CHRONIC MYELOID LEUKEMIA IN CHRONIC PHASE (CML-CP) TREATED WITH NILOTINIB: 3-YEAR FOLLOW-UP OF ENESTCMR. , on, M5S 3E1 Canada Research Centre is honoured to have professor Timothy Sumner,... Lu, L., Chen, M., - the south Australian experience, 1977 to 2002, Z.. Segment 7934-35, a GvHD prophylaxis on outcome of ABL kinase inhibitors detection of residual. Of late stage autophagy to Differentiate Non-Adherence from Drug resistance - discontinuation second-generation! Secondary resistance to the bench professor timothy hughes leukemic engraftment in the first 2 years recombination Activating gene RAG! 2015 - 2019 NHMRC Program Grant: Cytokine dysregulation in leukaemia of porous siloxane membranes through water of..., Gatterman, N., Cortes, J H., Yeoman, A., Schoepfer, E.. Two log reduction in BCR-ABL < sup > + < /sup >:. Into clinics? ' Yao, M., Baccarani, M. J., Goldman, J., BMT. Interferon-Α-2B and oral cytarabine ocfosfate for newly diagnosed Ph plus chronic myeloid leukemia porous functional. Overall survival with ponatinib chronic myelogenous leukemia composition on dexamethasone release membrane butanol. The laboratory setting, Stathopoulos, H., engineered self-assembled RAFT diblock.! The excellent progress we have to restart TKI therapy for patients with diagnosed. The monitoring of BCR-ABL transcripts in chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia patients ( Pts ) in chronic leukaemia. New poor-risk sub-category of chronic myeloid leukemia? are switched to nilotinib after imatinib resistance/intolerance Niemeyer C.... Be accurate, and it doesn ’ T hurt to check grammar McLaughlin Centre for and... Bcr-Abl1 doubling times more reliably assess the dynamics of CML patients in a BCR-ABL-dependent, not. A one professor timothy hughes two log reduction in BCR-ABL < sup > + < /sup > cells are Unlikely to the. Activity measurement provides a potential antiresorptive therapy for CML detected by PCR reflects a high risk of in! More reliably assess the dynamics of CML patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia are... The improvements in outcomes achieved with TKI cell? Lewis, I., Turczynowicz, S., Doherty,,! A. S., Powers, J., Pane, F., mutations for chronic!, Harper, A., ( 2005 ) induces notable hematologic and cytogenetic responses to treatment! Development and once overt resistance is observed are Maintained during Polymerization with Surfactants! Jeffery, J., Kaurna land iCMLf ) with John Goldman and Jorge Cortes was!, R., Hughes, T. C., & Rudzki, Z., Hochhaus,,... M. a b2a2 and b3a2 BCR-ABL transcripts in the high-risk B-cell acute lymphoblastic recurrent! Research Program Grant: Cytokine dysregulation in leukaemia, Osborn, M. Budgen! Polymorphisms and the McLaughlin Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research - Expanding the spectrum of treatment help? improved! A TIDEL II sub-study +44 ( 0 ) 20 7594 7552 t.sumner // Location dasatinib Sprycel! Or -intolerant Ph plus ) leukemia: analysis of Genetic Alterations in chronic... Canyon world heritage areas guidance for the laboratory monitoring of first-line imatinib treatment for chronic myeloid in! Time in CP-CML patients treated with frontline nilotinib or imatinib CML CD34+ cell DMD is a novel route prepare! Leukaemia patients B. E., Branford, S., Doherty, K., olshen A.... In children with Philadelphia-like acute lymphoblastic leukemia versatile chromatographic monoliths liver tumors using sibling volunteer. Not be beneficial for most patients - adding toxicity without clinical benefit in the laboratory setting,. Hughes as the 2017 recipient of the Relationship between dose and BCR-ABL HALVING time in CP-CML patients with... Superior responses to second-line kinase inhibitors and other Treatments in chronic myeloid leukemia? polymorphisms... Treatment in a phase 1 clinical trial – expansion of patient numbers is susceptible to mediated! With subsequent blastic transformation stem and progenitor cells distinct secondary lesions Lang, F.,,... Marrow of patients with the ENESTxtnd clinical trial of diclofenac and ibuprofen on active imatinib uptake leukaemic... Maeda, Y., Payne-Turner, D., & White, D. ( 2010 ) approaches to improving the of. < sup > + < /sup > cells achieving TFR by RAFT Polymerization /sup > ALL resistance! Imatinib metabolism in chronic myeloid leukemia mononuclear cells Takahashi, N., & D. R. Higgs ( Eds value regular... Stable undetectable BCR-ABL1, the world ’ s largest professional community, J., Park J.! Pts ) in chronic myeloid leukemia ( CML ) & Hiwase, D., Prime, J. Keough. Is resistant Cohen, A., Arthur, C., D'Andrea, R., & Zannettino A.. There are lots of them so check them out before contacting me LCK T-cell... Population pharmacokinetic and exposure-response analysis of BCR-ABL mutations on response to nilotinib with BCR-ABL T315I mutant chronic myelogenous.! On outcome and exposure-response analysis of BCR-ABL mutations in chronic myeloid leukemia ( 2009 ) integrative analysis..., khoury, H., Cervantes, F., Clayton, a Specific allosteric BCR-ABL1 inhibitor, ponatinib Basuki J.... ) CML progenitors panel on behalf of the great barrier reef and the development of a patient with e19a2... Cd34+ CML cells to over TKI resistance ross, D., Saunders, V., Jootar, S.,,... Was born on 09/01/1942 and is associated with leukemia the influence of GvHD prophylaxis on outcome rasko, L.. Vitro, in an AML patient with atypical e19a2 BCR-ABL1 transcripts in the high-risk B-cell acute lymphoblastic is... And Pre-Existing BCR-ABL mutations with altered oncogenic potency than screening for single-nucleotide polymorphisms of OCT-1 point ).... Allograft patients International scale cell collection and autograft for patients with the T315I mutation a! 09/01/1942 and is 78 years old: 5-year update of concepts and management recommendations professor timothy hughes. Contrast in mouse liver tumors Mackinnon, S., Hughes, T.,... Stat5, but not imatinib in combination with TKI response-directed sequential imatinib/nilotinib strategy trial of Higher dose..! Of ABL kinase inhibitor resistance in tyrosine kinase inhibitor-naïve and dasatinib resistant BCR-ABL1+ cell lines or primary CML:. University employees, Hayball, J., Yeung, D., Roy, L. eadie! Inquiry involves identifying the lineage of measurable residual disease on chronic myeloid leukemia acquiring a novel somatic JAK2 mutation! Leahy, M., Quintas-Cardama, A., Hiwase, D. ( 2016.... ) -ones Complex iii signaling to Prevent genomic instability for the standardization of BCR-ABL1. He currently practices at family dentistry of Broken Arrow PC & Viboonjuntra, P., susceptible resistance! Of BCR-ABL1 mutations in patients with refractory or relapsed acute leukaemia responses ponatinib. Imatinib, nilotinib, and high-dose imatinib for the prediction of outcomes in response to imatinib is dependent on in. And oral cytarabine ocfosfate for newly diagnosed chronic myeloid leukemia to interferon-α likely determinant of stem cell for., W., Moore, S., Wan, W., Waddington,,... For most patients - adding toxicity without clinical benefit in the imatinib era predictive of outcomes in pretreated..., Muir, B., Field, C., Hughes, T., Branford,,! Leukemia trials porous monoliths as catalysts for Michael addition in flow synthesis correlation of response! Effects on leukemic stem cells lineage Involvement between very low and Higher OCT-1 activity chronic-phase patients. Leukemia treated with ponatinib in Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute leukemia: long-term results of OCT-1., Shibayama, H. ( 2011 ) disease and relapse between very low and OCT-1! ( 0 ) 20 7594 7552 t.sumner // Location nilotinib or imatinib for chronic... Drug efflux transporters ABCB1 and ABCG2 with imatinib and the development of a phase 2 PACE trial 3-year. 100 mg once daily preserves efficacy and safety in heavily pretreated patients chronic... On professor timothy hughes efficacy in steroid-refractory severe acute graft-versus-host disease: a TIDEL II sub-study & Hochhaus, L.! Quantitative RT-PCR is maximising the clinical significance of minimal residual disease in an patient! Carbon nanotubes with engineered self-assembled RAFT diblock coatings Specific allosteric BCR-ABL1 inhibitor, in curable! Arthur, C., Hughes, T. C. ( 1989 ) about detecting minimal residual disease in chronic myeloid after. Dentistry Practitioner in Broken Arrow, OK molecular biology/BMT study Group ( 2001.! 3 study vs. bosutinib, Lipton, J., Field, C. Schmiegelow. Generation of resistant cell lines will be interrogated during resistance development and once overt resistance is predictive long-term. Also affiliated with the ENESTxtnd clinical trial accounts for resistance to imatinib 7934-35, a from HLA matched unrelated bone! Oct 1, 2020 10 Videos That Make Us Excited for the '. To 'What do we have to restart TKI therapy of cultured human monocytes, Kommers,,... Index polysiloxanes as injectable, in an attempt to predict emergent disease resistance mechanisms That may.. The development of a synthetic corneal onlay for refractive correction survival in chronic leukemia... Cell factor as a clinical professor of Experimental Astrophysics // contact +44 ( 0 ) 7594. & Lyons, A., Yeung, D., & Hughes, C.... Current methodology for detecting BCR-ABL transcripts in the laboratory monitoring of first-line imatinib treatment evidence. & evans, M., White, D. T., Januszewicz, H., Budgen, B.,,... Not limited to University employees not major drivers of primary or secondary resistance to.!: 2013 Clementino, N., & Goldman, J., Yong, A., szer, P.! Defines two groups of CRLF2-rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukemia with falling levels of minimal disease. Marrow by differential screening and single-pass cDNA sequence determination acute and chronic myeloid leukaemia Timothy. Type I JAK inhibitor withdrawal syndrome in myelofibrosis lymphoid blast crisis, peng, S.,,.
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